Friday, June 26, 2009

South Pacific Survey, 14 June 1951, Apia

The long lengths of pipe were lengthened today, and after an early lunch the "Kon Tiki Mk1" was pushed into the sea and a start was made sweeping the area. This was fraught with many interesting possibilities as the old raft bumped from one coral head to another and gathered up large carpets of weed.

Using underwater goggles or visor and flippers, the scene was indescribable, the fish coloured blue and red and white, some appeared in football jerseys and looking into the placidly clear water kept us occupied during the sweep.

Unfortunately, the coral patches increased and, experiencing difficulty in sweeping and lifting the sweep, we had to improve the operation of the sweep. The 25 miles to town by car to get things done just eats time, so it was considered best to finish the day and start tomorrow.

After a conference with Brodie Pritchard on operations, we finished for the day

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