Saturday, October 3, 2009

South Pacific Survey 20th June 1951

Went out to Satapuala today and the intention is to get the sweeping started. Poor old Brodie running around in an endeavour to tie up all his loose ends. Sent some sort of signal off to Civil Air today but doesn't tell me the text of it or the implications, with a consequence if he should be criticized, it is his own fault, he gets all the cooperation I can give. Things badly coordinated, if you are to boss a party you must tell them all and when told you must expect to get what you ask for, or know the reason why.

Public Works Dept held up proceedings quite a lot, because after being asked to give some depth gauges, they forgot to bring them. No good. Then when all was ready to go, some new serveyor type had to be instructed in the use of the walkie-talkie.

We were to go up and run engines and at the same time look at the area at the time of low water springs to sketch the areas which required clearing. This was satisfactory, but when we got down, we found that the "Kon-Tiki" had fallen apart because of faulty workmanship.

These people are not interested in getting the best ideas before they proceed, nor afterwards, rule one seems to be if you make a mistake, then justify the mistake until it is no longer a mistake.

Walked up to visit the Coles with Mr Bignall who made us very welcome. The tea was really good-first one for a long while that was up to standard. So to bed.

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