Saturday, June 5, 2010

South Pacific Survey 28th June 1951

Now that Ian Scott has joined the party, it was decided that the project at Satapuala Bay would be abandoned temporarily and the aircraft be loaded to take off for Tahiti via Aitutaki. This we are in favour of as it means everything will be speeded up and of course more interesting.
We seem to have plenty of "VOLUNTEERS" for the flight, so Tahiti must be interesting.

I spent a lot of the morning in town arranging for fuel, and getting my ship's papers in order for Tahiti and clearing Samoa generally.

Refuelled in the afternoon and loaded the aircraft ready for an early start in the morning, ie Sunday. Then went back to Aggies for a rest.

Had an invite around to Mr Jack Knight's for supper and had hoped to listen to the broadcast which we made on Tuesday night, but we talked instead. The other members of the party said it was fair enough, and so that is not so bad, but will probably get the cane from Tasman anyway.

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