Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Pacific Survey 8th July 1951

The day started well, everyone on time, then the British Consul and the French Director of Civil Air and the Harbour Master held us up so that we were eventually half an hour late.

Had a little difficulty getting the aircraft into the air first time due to the down wind and had to throttle back. OK into wind. Took off and all these dubious types, Chabliet, Devinish etc had to come up and see the controls and on one hours flight it was hell.

Arrived in Bora Bora and the Air Tahiti Mallard decided to formate on the Catalina. Not so good. Had a good look at the set up, both the land base and the sea alighting area.

We landed shortly afterwards and moored in the deep water area near the coral reef, ie 115' away and near a jetty alongside was a seagoing American yacht, the "Noddy" which we asked to move otherwise our tail would have been in their rigging.

Inspected moorings and made a few measurements of the distances to the reef. It would not please one to be in a Solent to be on the present moorings. Civil Air did not appear to be very interested.

Later in the evening when out to inspect, or should I say view, a hula dancing team of males and females who were training to attend the Bastille Day Ceremony at Papeete. They sure know how to wriggle what they have. The drum banging grates hard on the ears after a while.

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