Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meeting with Maurice McGreal

(This is Bill speaking here, not Cliff)
About two weeks ago I had the honour to meet with Mr Maurice McGreal, who was the first officer on the South Pacific Survey Trip.

He has written two books on his experiences, and these can be found in public libraries in New Zealand.

One is called "A Noble Chance" and can be found at:

The other is called "Civil Aviation in New Zealand" and can be found at:

Maurice obviously had a thorough knowledge of the survey and in fact had taken many of the photos posted here, and I am afraid I dragged him through a whole bunch of them asking where they were taken. One of my next jobs is to go back through the postings of the photos and label them.

Additionally, he was able to give me some information which he said was OK to post here, so this hopefully will get done over the Xmas holidays.

On a connected note, I see that the hanger at Motat (The Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland, New Zealand) is looking about finished.

The Short Solent Mk. IV ZK-AMO, is out in the elements at the moment waiting to go back under shelter. I found a photo at:

I have looked for quite a while (Even on the Motat official site!) but the best photo of of the new hall is here:

I thought it was a $2m building, but apparently is $10.9M, so it should be pretty impressive when finished.

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