Thursday, December 30, 2010

South Pacific Survey 20th July 1951

Spent some of the morning writing to the boys and Doris to send some stamps. Cost me 1 pound and 6 shillings for stamps too. The Public Works people let us go to "town" in their truck which was going out to forage for food.

After posting the letters we went off around the hills and bush to see the breadfruit man, the egg man, and the taro man. Each one we came to supplied only one commodity and I guess that it must be almost as expensive to live here as it is in NZ.

Eggs 2 pennies each but by the time you put fuel on, wear and tear, the driver's time, and the purchaser's time, an egg must have cost as much as 5 pennies.

It was however an interesting drive, all the native houses set in amongst coconut and banana palms. No one very sick, no one very poor, but in the main, happy.

Spent the afternoon cleaning up my writing and went for a short walk.

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