Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Pacific Survey Flight-5th June 1951

Here I go: trying to decipher dad's journal that
he wrote on this expedition.I had thought that maybe
I could just put in the interesting bits, but I have
decided to put it down verbatim, which while it may
be a bit dry, should provide for historical accuracy!
Hopefully in the coming few months I will
do a day at a time. Just looking ahead, I see his last
entry was on 21st July 1951 at Aitutaki, so it must
have been his last stop before coming home.

5 June 1951

At approx 1905 z on the 5th the engines were started on Catalina ZK-AMP and moorings slipped to begin the first leg of the Pacific Islands Survey.

After run-up, of engines, course was set for Suva,Fiji and after a flight time of8 hours and 40 minutes under good flight conditions throughout, the aircraft touched down in Lauthala Bay where it was beached by the RNZAF for convenience.

The crew:Captain:Self
1st Officer: M. Mc Greal
Radio Officer: J. Jackson
Engineer: A. Carlyon
S/N Engineer: Oliver
Passangers as members of the Survey Party:Captain Prichard Public Works DepartmentAerial Photography: Mr Baker Lands and Survey Department

On arrival in Suva the party was joined by Mr Brodie-Civil Aviation Branch, who was to take charge of the survey.
Mr Wilson-Accounts Branch Civil Aviation
Mr W. Bignall-Public Works.
Accomodation arranged at the Garrich Hotel and then a hurried visit to an Indian tailor who was to make some clothes suitable for the voyage.

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