Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pacific Survey 6th June 1951

6 June 1951

This photo is, I believe "the crew". Dad is the one in the middle

with the white tropic clothes and "roman" sandals!

A conference with Civil Aviation representatives and many of our
queries were answered in respect to the survey and thus proving
most satisfactory.

Another visit to the tailor's to try on the suit etc. A busy round of
shopping as tomorrow is the King's Birthday Celebration and there
is to be a parade at thegrounds outside the Governor's Residence.

Made a point of going to see the Shell Representative,Mr J McMahon,
and discussed our problems of refuellingwith him. He was good
enough to give me letters of introduction to various Shell people
who may be of interest.

Accepted an invitation by John Wisden, TEAL representative,
to visit the Defence Club. Met the Commanding Officer of
Lauthala Bay RNZAF Station. Checked over the aircraft.
Arranged Customs and Health Clearances from Fiji on Friday.

The weather a trifle grim, very strong winds and continuous
rain from leaden skies.

The technical or nature name for this weather condition is "Bogiwalu".
Pronounced Bongiwalu. Bongi=day, walu=8. So eight days
of bad weather.

Some members of the party suffering from theill effects
of injections for smallpox.

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