Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pacific Survey 8th June 1951

Lauthala Bay to Satapaula, Samoa.
Up bright and early and set off for Lautala Bay in taxis
jammed to overflowing with luggage. Still raining.
Completed the usual formalities and after a run up on the
slipway, we taxied out to take-off at approx 1900Z

Set course for Satapaula some 612 nautical miles away
with about three fronts enroute, and we stopped the
lot too. We arrived at Satapaula and after a brief look
at the alighting area, we landed and moored in an
area where the hidden dangers were coral reefs
and heads.

Once we made the native police boy realise we had
a landing permit, he allowed us to step ashore some
25 miles west of Apia. The road was good all the way,
being tar sealed through the coconut palm plantations
and native villages. The villages were a delight- so
clean and the impression was of driving throught a
park and a well kept one.

Main clothing,males, sulu or lava lava, which is a
skirt split open at the front. Females similar, but
some had upper clothing, children anything from a
smile to a sulu. Each villagehas at least one church
and sometimes three and they sure get religion.
Lots of pigs, the odd cow, horses around each village
and the flowers really lovely.

Wisteria chinese three eyes, bouganvillia. Staying at
a joint called A.G.Grey's, called Aggie Grey's.
Supposed to be a character, but back in NZ at the
present. Hot, whew! Melted.

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