Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pacific Survey 8.5th June 1951

Bill's note:You can see the date is 8.5th of June-this is to distinguish this day from the previous one because he crossed over the International date line! He marked it as the 8th,Saturday-Friday!

The day dawned bright and really lovely, warm, the air scented and from "Aggies" we overlook the Apia Harbour. The harbour is reef girt and the remnants of the once proud German battleship Adler are still exposed on the reef where she was driven ashore in a cyclone together with som ships of the American Navy. The British ship HMS Calliope decided not to stay in port during the rising seas and stood out clear of the island and rode out the storm. The event occurred during the time when Samoa was a German colony.

Refuelling was the order of the day and it took a lot of time in the heat to get the job done.
However, it was accomplished and the aircraft brought to a state of readiness for any demand which may be made upon it.

We mopped up some coconut juice - the native just shimied up the tree and had them in a trice. On returning to Apia I received an invitation to visit the residence of His Majesty's High Commissioner and partake of cocktails. This entailed much hurry and sweat and eventually I arrived cool etc. Nice place - must become a High Commissioner. Mr and Mrs Powel, from Wellington, New Zealand.

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