Wednesday, December 9, 2009

South Pacific Survey, 22 June 1951

Using explosives again all day and this gelignite gives one quite a solid headache combined with the effect of the sun's heat on a small launch.

However much of our time is spent investigating and marking and I am the diver equipped with water visor, ear plugs and flippers on the feet, which make it a relatively easy and pleasant task if it were not for the thought of the odd shark. There are also small "mite" fish here that swim in schools which can make a nice job of one too.

Then there is the fish which are tossed out which have a large spike hidden alongside the tail which would give a very nasty slash. So the natural and the man-made hazards of gelignite make for quite an interesting set-up. Sometimes when a big head is encountered, I have a large length of fuse fitted to the packet of gelignite and then swim down, place the packet on the head and then swim for the boat, it burns slowly and gives ample time to get clear.

Not so many fish, but these natives are very keen to get the gelignite to go fishing on their own account.

Mr Milne in touch again about the Catalina in general this set-up[ is decidedly poor in view of what Island Territories have promised these people. We have promised support provided it is made official, and it has to come from the types in Wellington who have no perspective.

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