Sunday, December 13, 2009

South Pacific Survey, 23 June 1951

We decided to work today as well to get the job going and of course still on explosives. Mr Bignall and self being the only two to get on with the job. Very hot and of course at sea on a small launch, the decks too hot to put ones feet on and the gelignite headache again, old Bignall has such a thumper of a head we had to go ashore in the afternoon about 3pm. This 6am to 6pm existence is helping everyone occupied and though the work is slow we are getting on with it.

Caught or blasted a few more fish today and this pleases the native types. One boat boy got into the water just after we had dropped some explosive which at that stage had not gone off, so we had to go back, stand into danger and fish the fool out.

Very weary and returned to this clapped out, broken down boarding house. Dr Milne again phoned to say they had included me in a signal saying the Catalinas from Lauthala Bay and Samoa were not available and to send a ship. There are no ships available here, and he asked me what did I think. I said to get authority for us to go and have a look, and if suitable, we would land. He, together with the Deputy High Commissioner have done this and so far no reply has been recieved. To Bed.

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