Monday, December 14, 2009

South Pacific Survey 24 June 1951

A well deserved day off and feel the need of it too, so the morning is spent in letter writing and of course, idle discussion and line shooting. Dr Milne called also to let me know the latest developments of the New Zealand case, which is not good and there has been no reply to the signal sent requesting the use of my own discretion and to be allowed to fly down there and at least have a look. He naturally is most upset about the whole affair, feeling absolutely tied and letting the poor woman down. However, there is little that can be done by myself if I don't get official approval, the stinkers.

I have often meant to mention the number of lizards which come out at night and prey on the moths, I think I will get some tame ones for Doris and assist her in her campaign.

These little beggars are almost transparent in the light and are very quick, even walking across the ceiling to steal up on and ususpecting moth and gobble it. Slept without mosquito nets for a little while, but there are too many different kinds of insects up here to sleep without one, including these rather silly hornets all through the house.

It is assumed we will be here another 8 to 10 days cleaning up, so did not go anywhere, nor asked to go anywhere by the locals, who to my way of thinking are rather a poor lot. To bed.

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