Saturday, September 4, 2010

South Pacific Survey 2nd July 1951

Had a run into town to meet the British Consul Mr Hevinish a very pukha Englishman and had a yarn with him and asked him some of the rather tricky questions and he is not at all happy with the Bainbridges, either Tony Bainbridge or the Bainbridge Establishment Baldwin and his opinion seriously given is that the both are not what we may consider as reasonable.

He suggests Union Steam, but old man Cotes may not be suitable to us.

Went around to see Air Tahiti Company to see if we could borrow a small boat to get some gear off the aircraft. They were helpful but did they want some information which I could not give. We arranged our refuelling for 7.30am.

Went around to the AB Donalds and found that Mr Scott and Mr Brodie had made all the financial arrangements and they were just leaving. As this was my my business, I was naturally suspicious of the set-up and said if you are to make my arrangements for me, well, go ahead.

This they did not appreciate as Brodie had told me of the run -in with Shell Co. and had told the manager here to supply the fuel as [editors note:cannot decipher word]and not as fuel for Shell.

Brodie and Scott went off to meet the Acting Governor officially, no invitation to me or as to whether I'd like to go. What the hell. Went back to the hotel, had a swim, spent the evening nattering. Went to bed.

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