Saturday, September 11, 2010

South Pacific Survey 3rd July 1951

Up bright and early to get to town by 7 am. This we nearly succeeded in doing but were not awfully late. Refuelling commenced with the aid of the hand pump and filter. It is hard to realise what would have happened if I had not thought of those two items.

Went along to the Consulate and saw Devinish again to ask a few more questions. Saw Air Tahiti and got an invitation to lunch on the 5th of July. Went back to the hotel for lunch, and as there was little of importance on, had a sleep.

Scott is unable to see the Governor as he is away on an Island's cruise and as he cannot see him before, we stand a good chance of remaining until the 14th of July, Bastille Day, and then for four days nothing is done. So if he does not see him we will be further delayed.

There is a great mixture of people here, most of the true Tahitian is being bred out of the natives. There are some pretty women, they are of Tahitian/French or Tahitians/Japanese, or some obscure breed. The Chinese have had a marked influence.

The place here is one which is typical of the East, with splendour and squalor lying side by side. The half caste, or breed, is not looked upon as doubtful in any way, but it depends whether they are beautiful to look at.

Apart from this, the hours they keep and the amout of wine they drink precludes them from thinking at least straight.

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