Saturday, November 6, 2010

South Pacific Survey 4th July 1951

We had part of the morning on the aircraft and mainly on maintenance overhaul. Thus far the old Catalina has gone well and not even a magneto drop. Had to bring a lot of gear along for these types and struggle it through Customs.

The need to be able to speak a few more languages is essential, what a help French would be to me up here.

We arrived back at the Les Tropiques, changed hurriedly to go out to the 4th of July celebrations and dinner for which we had cordial invitations and it is said the Governor's Tea Party.

The Yanks ran true to form in so much as that while they like your company, they expect you to pay for your entertainment and meals, with a consequence the Royal Tahitian "do" cost quite a few francs. We came home for dinner and quite a few of the merry-makers arrived soon after.
We finished up the day by refusing to even consider taking back America as a colony.

Some of us now were keen to wend our way home, we seem to be getting absolutely no where in this place, can waste more time than enough.

The coral and fishes are the most beautiful I have yet seen. The flowers, well they are beautiful in the extreme. Very large hibiscus, red of course. Some white, some yellow.

Saw the hula dance today, and it certainly calls for some energy to be put into the wriggle show.
Must away to bed.

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