Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Pacific Survey 5th July 1951

Wandered along to the meteorological bureau just to have a look at the set-up and to get some idea of their work. Their map is the one Nandi Meteorological Station sends to them and they just plot the information, make their story fit and everyone is happy.

After the met station we went off to be shown the new alighting area and to get some idea of the extent of the coral. I was not impressed with what I saw in it's present form, but adequately marked it should be suitable.

Brodie is of course responsible and he is here to tell us what he wants and any other views are not worth having. Of course M Pierre Chabeliet would not know as he has not had to deal with boats except what Qantas has told him at Noumea.

My ear has been playing up and so decided to have a little rest this afternoon. Slept till five, had a swim, dinner at seven thirty and then to bed.

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