Saturday, November 13, 2010

South Pacific Survey 6th July 1951

The intention is to go to Bora Bora on Monday and so an early start was made to get the surveyors gear off the aircraft as they now have permission from the French to carry out some work.

Originally permission was to be sought from Paris but they relented and said go ahead. This gear all had to go through customs: what a job.

We then ran the engines after slipping the moorings and the check was good.

Had a wander around this Air Tahiti outfit. How anyone is allowed to operate with props in the condition these were in is beyond reason and can only think that it must have and adverse effect on the engine main bearings. Not only that, but chunks taken out of them.

Did some shopping , bought Doris some Chanel No5 and some Eau de Cologne. Prices vary much the same as NZ. Samoa is dearer than here, except perhaps for food.

The dinner here was excellent and after dining and wining beneath the tropic moon in the warm open air we went out to see a bohemian outfit Dance Caberet with the British Consul Devinish. A seething mass of dancers, half alcoholic, natives, and all, terrific.

Went down to the Lido thinking it may be a little quieter. It was closed. Home to bed.

Fifi, previously mentioned in the All Girls Tahitian Band did another hula which Resio joined in.

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