Tuesday, November 16, 2010

South Pacific Survey 11th July 1951

Up early with the native Charlie coming alongside the Catalina in his outrigger canoe, and after a few preliminaries we went ashore and got our luggage ready and then went in to breakfast.
I say "in" because the "in" bit is under a thatched roof on a light steel frame left by the Americans, a low fence, sand floor and that is all.

The owner, one tooth in his head, a clapped out casinova, if ever there was one.
Bread full of weevils and growing fungus, butter rancid, flies, plenty. Otherwise a charming spot.

We slipped moorings and set course first to Raitea, where the Maori left on their journey southward to NZ.

Flew over high, then on to Moorea, just south of Papeete.
A very weird island this just flung up above the sea, jagged peaks and valleys, a truly magnificent sight.

We then flew around Papeete the around the whole island to get some idea of the layout of the land. We then landed and went once more to "Les Tropiques". Had lunch and went to town to arrange the refuelling of the Catalina as we leave as soon as Scott has seen the Governor, M. Petitbon.

Did a little shopping, tied up some loose ends of business and so home to enjoy once again the dinner under the stars, soft candle light and the idle chatter in French.

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