Tuesday, November 23, 2010

South Pacific Survey 12th July 1951

Carlyon and myself refuelled the old Catalina to let the others take the advantage of the offer of a ride around the island for the day and everything went well on the job.

On going ashore we went along to Quinns to have a look at the place in daylight, and met Scott and Van der Brock. Had a few beers and we were told we were going to a cocktail party at the Governor's.

Had a pleasant lunch finalising all the go for the journey back. Took the Minister or Director of Civil Aviation right through the ship's papers, gave reasons why for all of them, then left several copies to be looked over. This may or may not do some good.

Went around to Air Tahiti and thanked them for the use of their launch and offered to pay. They would not accept any charge. Finalised with A B Donalds, had a hair cut and went home to get cleaned up for the cocktail party.

Met all sorts of people at the cocktail party and really appreciated meeting M. Petitbon. Neither he nor his wife speaks a word of English. He is regarded as a good man for Tahiti. We had whiskey lime ice, some sandwiches, cake, and said our goodbyes, then home to a last and very pleasant meal.

Met some Americans who sailed the Nordleys, who were higher than a kite. Went to bed.

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